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Exclusive Product-laundry Wash
A unique products filled with Lemon extracts: our Lemon filled laundry wash is a unique product which is completely a liquid based products.It is designed in such a unique way that it not only saves space but it also avoids wastage and is easy to use. In these times when liquid wash is becoming a fast growing product, our product has been designed after an intensive worldwide research and survey to provide you the best results.

Washes all kinds of clothes easily: Our product gives you complete freedom from buying different detergents for different clothes, because our laundry wash gives you the finest whitening clothes every time be it silk or cotton.

No stains, no foul smell: Our Laundry wash does a three way magic to your clothes and removes all the hard stains, be it a grease stain or any other stain. And at the same time it kills the smell in the clothes caused by dirt and stains.

Keeps You safe from diseases: Our laundry wash not only kills all the germs but it will also give your clothes long lasting freshness which will keep you and your family safe from various diseases. You will fall in love with this feature.

Great performance and easy on your pocket: In these times of rpidly increasing prices, we have presented our product as one of the cheapest products which will not only give you the best performance but will fit easily in your budget. Because our prime aim is to provide a quality product to our customers at the cheapest price and not just to earn profit.

One and a half cup is all it takes: Put only one and a half cap of our laundry wash in a bucket of water or your washing machine and wash at least 12-15 clothes at a time.

Save water: In these times there is a scarcity of drinking water, so it becomes really difficult to save water for washing clothes. That is why our product uses the minimum quantity of water which not only saves water but your valuable time as well.

Dish Wash

No Stains and No Odour: Our dish wash is a Three way action dish washer. It washes away all the greasiness, removes spots & stains and the smell caused by dirt from your dishes.

Keep you safe from diseases: That's not it. It also kills the germs and your dishes remain completely safe from them, keeping you and your family safe from various diseases.

Value from Money: You can get the 500ml bottle of our Dish wash at a reasonable price. You also get a Sponge scrubber worth Rs. 25/- 'Absolutely Free' for washing your dishes. Total value for your money.